Keventer Frozen Dessert - February 12, 2024

Have a Cool Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate Valentine's day with Keventer Metro Ice cream

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Do ice cream dates work on Valentine's Day? Of course they do! There is something extremely cute and even childishly innocent about organising an ice cream date during the celebration of love. However, most importantly, this idea does not burn a hole through your pocket. So while you can successfully enthrall your beloved with this sweet treat, here are some ideas that will help you elevate your 'love-game' and ensure that he or she keeps asking for more!

A Gourmet Affair

A beautiful candlelit dinner deserves a carefully crafted, gourmet dessert. Treat your beloved like royalty with a grand no-bake pistachio tart. (Shhh! Don't let them know it will take only 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes to make!)

- Buy some tart cups
- Add a scoopful of premium pistachio frozen dessert from our Keventer Metro Pistachio Crush Tub to each tart cup
- Top this delicacy with some crushed pistachios
- Serve on a glass platter and for that delightfully gourmet feel, don't forget to garnish with some rose petals

Trust us, this cool dessert will feel like a warm hug to your beloved!

The Love Cake

Move over the usual Valentine's Day cakes. Make a delicious one at home with a twist.

- Just grab hold of a heart shaped tin cake mould
- Layer the base with a thin slice of any vanilla flavoured packaged cake
- Empty the contents of our 750ml tub of Keventer Metro Black Forest Premium Frozen Dessert on top of the cake base
- Smoothen the top with a spatula
- Add some fresh cherries on the top
- Keep the cake in a freezer for at least an hour

When your date arrives, cut a delicious slice of this lovely heart-shaped frozen cake and serve with all the love you have in your heart. What's more? Get brownie points for your DIY efforts!

Sweet & Salty Love Triangle

Ahem! By 'triangle' we meant the sweet romance that you will enjoy with your beloved and this delightful DIY dessert.

- Crush 20-25 digestive cookies
- Add some nuts and melted butter
- Mix well and add 3 parts of the mixture to a flat-bottomed square pan
- Add 750ml of Keventer Metro Caramel Gateau Tub Frozen dessert and spread it evenly with a spatula
- Add the remaining crumb mixture on top
- Freeze for 4 hours until firm
- Carefully cut the frozen delight into squares and then cut each square diagonally from the centre to form triangles

While watching a movie or simply while having a lovey-dovey conversation, serve this awesome snack with some whipped cream or caramel sauce.

Set that table and get the right mood on. Make this Valentine's Day an absolute treat for your beloved. We'll always be that cool friend by your side to help you out in all your grand romantic feats!


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