Keventer Milk in Pouches

With a strong Kolkata connect for decades, Keventer offers fresh milk in pouches enriched with natural calcium, minerals and vitamins.

The Keventer Pouch Milk Range

Keventer Milk is available in Standardised, Toned and Double Toned variants as

Our Quality Check includes:

  • Health of the calf and cow.
  • Hygienic conditions that need to be maintained in the surroundings where the cattle are reared and milked.
  • Hygiene of the milkman while milking the cow.

Make a Healthy Choice
with Keventer Pouch Milk

  • We directly source from milk farmers.
  • We process milk at state-of-the-art manufacturing units.
  • We follow strict guidelines which enables us to exercise control, from sourcing to packaging and distribution.

Bringing farm fresh
Keventer Milk to your home

What goes into the making of Keventer Milk,
rich in vitamin A & D and natural nutrients
available in milk.

  • Once the milk is drawn it is chilled within the shortest possible time to prevent bacterial functioning and to ensure freshness.
  • The milk is then put through a series of tests across organoleptic, physical, chemical, microbiological and rheological parameters.
  • The milk is clarified and homogenized ensuring special compliance checking. Milk of different grades is blended so that the quality of the product remains consistent. Balancing of FAT, SNF and other micronutrients ensure us to arrive at the desired flavour, mouth feel and colour of the milk.
  • This is followed by pasteurization with 3 level control mechanism.