Keventer brings you a variety of
ready-to-cook delicious restaurant
like kebabs!

The authenticity in taste of these yummy kebabs will make
them your hot favourite! Spicy, tender and succulent, grill
‘em slowly to perfection!

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Chicken Seekh Kebab

Keventer Chicken Seekh Kebab- tender kebabs made with aromatic spices!

Available in SKU 360g.

Chicken Tandoori Kebab

Lip-smacking tandoori kebabs with flavours that will melt in your mouth!

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Lucknowi Kebab

Enjoy the sizzling taste of Keventer Chicken Lucknowi kebabs made with juicy chicken and aromatic flavours of Lucknow.

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Hariyali Kebab

A classic starter with chicken marinated in fresh green herbs, mint, coriander leaves and Indian spices.

Available in SKU 300g.

Chicken Galouti Kebab

Nawabi Taste in Every Bite!

Flat, round, melt-in-the mouth Keventer Chicken Galouti Kebab.

Available in SKU 400g.

Today our frozen food business is spread over all the leading national Modern Trade outlets. We are present
in all Indian states with popular cities.

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