Keventer Metro Milk

Pasteurised and homogenised milk, with
added vitamin A & vitamin D, in poly
pouch packs!

Pick your favourite
from the Keventer Metro Fresh
Milk Range

Keventer Metro
Rich Milk

500 ml, 1 L
4.5% Fat,8.5% SNF

Keventer Metro
Toned Milk

500 ml
3% Fat, 8.5% SNF

Keventer Metro
Double Toned Light Milk

170 ml, 500 ml
1.30 Fat / 9.00 % SNF

Keventer Metro
Cow Milk

170 ml, 500 ml
3.2% Fat, 8.3% SNF


Keventer Metro Milk comes in factory-sealed pouches, are stored in HDPE crates at our Milk Cold Store and dispatched to retailers by well-insulated vehicles so that you get your fresh Keventer Metro Milk at your doorstep every morning!

Our manufacturing processes ensures uniform product consistency and uniform quality making us a trusted name in the milk industry.

We boast of 100% in-house manufacturing facility that ensures top quality standards, and better serviceability to the markets.

Our Plants @ Barasat & Malda:

  • Plants of Keventer
  • Keventer Plants
  • Fully automated and computerized state-of-the-art plant
  • Continuous processes and quality control
  • Automatic plant sterilization
  • Advanced machinery from Westfalia of Germany, Gram of Denmark and Schneider of USA
  • Focus on use of superior technology
  • Capacity to process and produce 400,000+ litres/ day
  • Malda plant has a production capacity of 10,000 litres/ day

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.2 Is Keventer metro milk pasteurized?


Q.3 What quality control measures do you have in place to ensure the safety of Keventer metro milk?


Q.4 Are your dairy products suitable for children and the elderly?


Q.5 Do you have any special milk products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?


Q.6 What is the difference between UHT (Ultra High-Temperature) milk and pasteurized milk?


Q.7 List of milk products offered by Keventer?



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