Pasteurised and homogenised milk, with
added vitamin A & vitamin D, in poly
pouch packs!

Pick your favourite
from the Keventer Metro Fresh
Milk Range

Keventer Metro
Rich Milk

500 ml, 1 L
4.5% Fat,8.5% SNF

Keventer Metro
Toned Milk

500 ml
3% Fat, 8.5% SNF

Keventer Metro
Double Toned Light Milk

200 ml, 500 ml
1.5% Fat, 9% SNF

Keventer Metro
Cow Milk

200 ml, 500 ml
3.2% Fat, 8.3% SNF

Keventer Metro
Sampoorna Milk

500 ml
4.8% Fat, 8.5% SNF


Keventer Metro Milk comes in factory-sealed pouches, are stored in HDPE crates at our Milk Cold Store and dispatched to retailers by well-insulated vehicles so that you get your fresh Keventer Metro Milk at your doorstep every morning!

Our manufacturing processes ensures uniform product consistency and uniform quality making us a trusted name in the milk industry.

We boast of 100% in-house manufacturing facility that ensures top quality standards, and better serviceability to the markets.

Our Plants @ Barasat & Malda:

  • Plants of Keventer
  • Keventer Plants
  • Fully automated and computerized state-of-the-art plant
  • Continuous processes and quality control
  • Automatic plant sterilization
  • Advanced machinery from Westfalia of Germany, Gram of Denmark and Schneider of USA
  • Focus on use of superior technology
  • Capacity to process and produce 400,000+ litres/ day
  • Malda plant has a production capacity of 10,000 litres/ day