Ready to use
Frozen Fresh Veggies!

Our ready to cook veggies match high tastes while being
nutritious too. The peeled Green Peas, Sweet-Corn and
Malai Paneer Cubes make cooking up your favourite dishes
all the more easier at home.
Get your favourite seasonal veggies
all-round the year!

Meet Your Frozen Veggie Delights

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Green Peas

Peeled, assorted and ready to use Keventer Frozen Green Peas. Cook up your favourite recipes with ‘em now!

Available in SKU 1 kg, 500g, and 200g

Sweet Corn

Enjoy the fresh taste of frozen sweet corns with ready to use Keventer Frozen Sweet Corns.

Available in SKU 1 kg, 500g, and 200g.

Malai Paneer

Relish the rich taste of Keventer Malai Paneer combined with nutrition that makes tasty paneer recipes more delicious.

Available in SKU 200g

Today our frozen food business is spread over all the leading national Modern Trade outlets. We are present
in all Indian states with popular cities.

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