Keventer, as a brand has always been synonymous with milk.

As a part of Eastern India’s dairy industry for decades Keventer offers a variety of fresh milk options to choose from.

Delivering Happiness to our Customers

We love our customers! Which is why we try to make dairy products that…

  • Meet daily needs

  • Provide Necessary Nutrients

  • Give Assured Quality and Safety

  • Satisfy every taste bud

  • Rich legacy.
  • Firm commitment towards quality and nutrition.
  • Driven by consumer needs and passion to be the best.
  • Our commitment to deliver products with Variety, Taste, Anytime-Anywhere.
  • Regular smooth supply - Extensive network of BMCs present across all major milk pool in West Bengal ensuring easy availability.
  • Superior Sourcing Network
    • Large quantity of milk sourced daily.

Our Fresh Milk Products

  • Metro Milk

    Fresh, tasty and nutritious Metro Milk helps in boosting immunity and keeping the body healthy and strong.

  • Keventer Pouch Milk

    Enriched with calcium, minerals and vitamins, Keventer delivers farm fresh milk in pouches.

Our Packaged Dairy Products

How Our Milk Reaches You

Pouch Milk

  • - Buffer Tank
  • - Packaging
  • - Sorting
  • - Final Storage
  • - Dispatch through insulated

The Goodness of Milk

Is milk good for you? The answer is YES!

Nutritionists worldwide tell us how important milk is for our health due to its rich nutritional content. Cow Milk is considered closest to Mother’s Milk for which reason Dairy Farming is promoted the world over to ensure ample availability of this important source of Nutrition.
Being a Complete Food, milk has most of the nutrients needed by the human body. Which is why it is recommended to take a glass of milk every day!

Benefits of Milk