Looking for a milk to keep pace with your fast moving life?

Try fresh, protein rich fresh Keventer Metro Milk and Keventer ATM or UHT Milk in pouches or tetra packs.

Great in taste and good for health!

Delivering wholesome nutrition with great taste

We love our customers! Which is why we try to make dairy products that...

  • Meets
    Daily Need

  • Provide Necessary Nutrients

  • Give Assured Quality and Safety

  • Satisfies Every Taste Bud

What Makes Keventer a Dairy Expert?
  • Rich legacy.
  • Firm commitment towards quality and nutrition.
  • Driven by consumer needs and passion to be the best.
  • Our commitment to deliver products with Variety, Taste,
  • Regular smooth supply - Extensive network of BMCs present across all major milk pool in West Bengal ensuring easy availability.
  • Superior Sourcing Network - Large quantity of milk sourced daily.

Ghano Taaza Doodher Raja!
Apnar Kache Ache toh?

Our Packaged Dairy Products


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