Easy-to-cook, tasty and Quick-filling meals

Appetizing chicken sausages and salamis from Keventer are a delicate mix of protein, vitamins and minerals. These are Mouth-watering, and easy to store. You can cook directly out of the packet – for yourself any time of the day, or serve them as a quick snack for visiting friends and family. Eat, Sleep, Snack, Repeat!

Chicken Sausages

  • Chicken Breakfast Sausage

    A range of Chicken sausages adorn the non-veg basket range of Keventer Frozen platter.

    Served best at breakfast, these sausages consist primarily of meat, filled into a casing.

    Available in

    SKU 250g and 500g.

  • Chicken Cheese and Onion Sausage

    Made delectable with added seasoning and flavours of cheese and onion, these chicken sausages are from the Keventer Frozen range of non-veg products.

    Primarily consisting of meat, cut into pieces or ground, and filled into a casing, these sausages can be your ready-to-cook breakfast option.

    You can enjoy these at any other time in the day too!

    Available in

    SKU 250g and 500g

  • Chicken Herb and Pepper Sausage

    Made with minced meat and flavoured with herbs and spicy pepper, these Chicken sausages from Keventer can add deliciousness to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Comes in simple ready-to-cook packaging and can even be relished as evening snacks.

    Available in

    SKU 250g and 500g

  • Chicken Smoked Frankfurters

    The Keventer range of Chicken sausages are adored by all non-veg lovers.

    These frankfurters are thin parboiled sausages that come with a smoky flavour and consist primarily of minced meat filled into a casing, made delish with seasoning.

    Tastes best if simply heated in hot water and consumed.

    Available in

    SKU 250g and 500g

  • Chicken Cheese and Jalepenos Sausages

    You can taste the rich creamy flavour of Cheese & the tanginess of Jalapeno, every time you take a bite of these flavoured sausages from Keventer.

    Add a dose of protein to your meals with these healthy ready-to-cook snacking options, any time in the day!

    Available in

    SKU 250g.

Chicken Salami

  • Chicken Salami Plain

    We've found the secret to a sumptuous breakfast.

    Keventer Chicken Salami (plain) is packed with all the power you need to start the day fresh or serve it as a side to your guests at any time of the day.

    Available in

    SKU 250g.

  • Chicken Salami Bell Pepper

    Spiced to perfection, the Keventer Chicken Salami Bell Pepper is a meat lover’s paradise.

    Added to any meal at any time of the day, it is a perfect blend of tasty and healthy that is ready to be cooked and served in no time.

    Available in

    SKU 250g.

Hunger Time is Keventer Time!

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