Frozen Non – Veg Snacks to beat Hunger Pangs!

Cook and serve delicious non-veg snacks right from your kitchen instead of ordering from restaurants or without being bogged down in the kitchen for hours. Keventer Frozen Food range brings you ready to cook Non-Veg Snacks to satisfy your taste buds while meeting your hunger pangs. Get the house party rolling, or just fill your tummy with these mouth-watering dishes or win everyone’s heart!

Easy-to-cook Non-Veg Delicacies

Our non-veg frozen food products are not just ready to cook but delicious to eat as well. After all our focus is to bring a smile across our consumers face with every bite! Our anytime anywhere snacks come in a wide variety and taste advantage to cater to consumers young and old!

Chicken Delicacies

Chicken Strips

Serve Keventer Chicken Strips instantly as a scrumptious snack and avoid the hassle of cutting and marinating.

The frozen chicken strips once fried are a delicious snack item which is ready to serve!

Available in

SKU 320g.

Chicken Wings

The delicious Keventer Chicken Wings are enough to gratify the taste buds of any chicken buff.

Available in

SKU 400g

Chicken Nuggets

Keventer Chicken Nuggets are diced, flavoured with spices, coated and fried. Share these delicious frozen Chicken Nuggets as a delectable ready-to-serve snack to your guests.

Available in

SKU 200g and 400g.

Chicken Momo

Non-Veg Momos make for a mouth-watering snack, but making momo’s isn’t easy. Now you can enjoy soft and juicy Keventer Chicken Momos, with minimal effort. Filled with ingredients like chicken mince and spring onions, you can serve these flavoursome delights to your friends and family in no time.

Available in

SKU 750g

Chicken Patty

Keventer Chicken Patty is made out of minced chicken, boiled potatoes and various spices. Guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest chicken fan. Blended with tasty seasoning and crispy coating of golden breadcrumbs, it's just too tempting!

Available in

SKU 400g.

Chicken Pop

Chicken Pop consist of small, "bite-sized" pieces of chicken that have been breaded and fried. Serve pre-cooked Keventer Chicken Pop as snacks with some Sriracha mayo dipping sauce or Schezwan sauce.

Available in

SKU 200g and 400g.

Chicken Finger

Chicken Finger, also known as chicken tenders, or chicken fillets, are chicken meat prepared from the pectoralis minor muscles of the animal. Keventer Chicken Fingers are prepared by coating chicken meat in a breading mixture and then deep frying.

Great to serve as snack and great to taste!

Available in

SKU 200g and 400g.

Prawn Delicacies

Prawn Breaded Butterfly

The crispy and delicious Keventer Prawn Breaded Butterfly are great as a starter or part of a main course. Serve hot with a small dish of seafood sauce for dipping and your taste buds are in for a unique treat!

Available in

SKU 180g.

Prawn Breaded Torpedo

The Keventer Prawn Breaded Torpedo are made with special breadcrumbs which cover the juicy and fresh prawns underneath. Ready to cook and served warm and fresh, your guests will be left with an unforgettable taste in their mouth!

Available in

SKU 180g.

Hunger Time is Keventer Time!

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