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You can serve our delicious, ready-to-cook, juicy, succulent, frozen
non-veg snacks right from your kitchen instead of ordering them
from restaurants!


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Chicken Cheese Ball

Yummy crispy, melt-in-the-mouth, ready-to-fry and serve Keventer Chicken Cheese Balls.

Enjoy the goodness of chicken and softness of cheese!

Available in SKU 300g.

Chicken Strips

Tasty Scrumptious Chicken Strips

Fry and serve delicious Keventer Chicken Strips instantly as a scrumptious snack!

Available in SKU 320g.

Chicken Wings

Wondrous Chicken Wings!

Tender, juicy Keventer Chicken Wings are enough to gratify the taste buds of any chicken buff!

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Nuggets

You’ll love our Keventer Chicken Nuggets!

Flavoured with spices and ready-to-fry and serve!

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Patty

Stuff it in a burger or have it just like that!

Our Chicken Patty is made out of minced chicken, boiled potatoes and various spices.

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Pop

It’s party time with Keventer Chicken Pop!

Serve as snacks with some Sriracha mayo dip or Schezwan sauce!

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Finger

Bread coated chicken meat!

A great starter for any meal! A super tasty finger food!

Available in SKU 400g.

Chicken Samosa

Enjoy snacking on our crispy, golden Keventer Chicken Samosas!

Stuffed with fragrant, curried minced chicken fillings!

Available in SKU 1kg.

Prawn Breaded Butterfly

Flutter your taste buds with crispy and delicious Keventer Prawn Breaded Butterfly.

A great starter, makes a super part of any main course meal!

Available in SKU 180g.

Prawn Breaded Torpedo

Love prawns? Try the Keventer Prawn Breaded Torpedos!

Made with special breadcrumbs covering the juicy and fresh prawns underneath!

Available in SKU 180g.

Today our frozen food business is spread over all the leading national Modern Trade outlets. We are present
in all Indian states with popular cities.

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