Our Manufacturing and Processing Infrastructure

Our business is supported by our manufacturing and processing infrastructure comprising of:

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, superior sourcing and stringent
quality and food safety procedures

Flagship facility at Barasat, West Bengal – spread over 92 acres and consists of multiple processing units. Only UHT milk processing and packaging unit in East and North East India.

Keventer Plant

Our food processing units located at Durgapur, Midnapore, Siliguri and Patna. Involved in processing and manufacturing of products under the dairy & fresh segment.

Keventer Office in India

We are also in the process of establishing a food processing unit at Ranchi.

Keventer Factory

Increasing productivity - improving cost-efficiency

  • 95% sales from our own manufacturing and
    processing units
  • Strategically located flagship facility
  • Strong sourcing network
  • Minimal logistics cost
  • Fast delivery
  • Advanced equipment’s
  • Modern technology

Advanced Technology


We believe that our sourcing strength is a result of strong relationship with our vendors and farmers, who have now been associated with us for over two decades.

  • Keventer Banana Factory
  • Keventer Banana

Procurement and Raw Materials

In the production of our products, we use raw materials and ingredients that get reviewed and pre-approved by our quality assurance team, and are compliant with food safety norms.


Our raw material requirements include:

  • Ingredients required for production of products, Processing aid materials and packaging and labelling materials. We procured raw milk from a procurement network of farmers, bulk milk chillers and third party milk vendors across five districts in West Bengal.
  • Our milk procurement centres are spread across five districts of West Bengal. Our chilling centres are strategically placed in close proximity to our raw milk procurement locations in order to maintain the freshness of the raw milk. Each chilling centre is equipped with a laboratory and other facilities like electronic milk analysers for checking the milk in terms of quantity, fat and SNF content.
  • We also conduct tests including for colour and smell which enables us to segregate poor quality of raw milk at our BMCs, apart from adulteration tests and neutralizer tests. We encourage milk producers for clean milk production which helps us in procuring good quality milk.
  • We have qualified and experienced chemists at all our chilling centres. Our quality assurance team does regular calibration and updating of the chilling centres. We have implemented stringent cleaning standards at our chilling centres and perform regular inspections on our milk tanks to ensure adequate hygiene levels.
Keventer Milk Factory


We source 80% of our requirement of raw bananas from the two main banana growing districts of West Bengal in Nadia and Murshidabad.

We have an organized system for procurement wherein we were able to source raw bananas from farmers.

Keventer Banana Factory


We procure mango pulp/ concentrate from three contract manufacturers. We purchase apple concentrate from various producers in India and abroad.

Our sourcing strategy and strong relationships ensure :

  • Consistent quality
  • Competitive pricing and
  • Assured quantity in line with the growing demand of our products.
  • We have a dedicated team of agronomists, which helps us in organizing field visits, and obtain quality guidance on fertilizer and irrigation practices, pest and disease control, and post-harvest management.
  • In case of farmers, we directly engage with them, educate them in identifying best farming practises to increase their productivity and incomes.
Keventer Milk Tetra Pack

Contract Manufacturing

We also have arrangements with various contract manufacturers for the manufacture of our frozen food products, and other contract manufacturers for our ice cream products.

We ensure that the contract manufacturers engaged by us adhere to our strict quality standards prescribed for our products.

Quality Assurance

  • Food safety form a part of our policy and one of the main drivers of our business. We have well defined documented quality system which is monitored at various stages of procurement and processing.
  • Our Barasat facility has received ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 22000:2018 certifications from SGS.
  • Our flagship facility at Barasat and our food processing units, where required, have received certifications from FSSAI.
Milk Factory - Keventer Lassi

Stringent Quality Checks

  • We place significant importance on quality checks and controls. Our comprehensive quality standards cover the entire value chain, from the purification of water, quality of materials used to the production of the finished product, up to and including the point where the product ultimately reaches the consumer.
  • Our manufacturing and processing infrastructure is all equipped with quality control laboratories for testing raw materials, packaging and finished products.
  • Our flagship facility and food processing units are designed, constructed, maintained and inspected in accordance with applicable food safety standards, laws and regulations.
  • Further, we ensure that the raw materials and ingredients used in our production processes are strictly in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We also enforce strict hygiene standards for our personnel involved in production activities.
Frooti Factory


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