We source 80% of our requirement of raw bananas from the four main banana growing districts of West Bengal in Nadia, Murshidabad, Hooghly, and 24 Parganas (North).

We procured approximately 21,000 MT raw bananas from a network of farmers and aggregators in Fiscal 2021. We use a combination of a dedicated procurement team of seven employees along with a network of more than 250 aggregators, as of March 31, 2021. Our procurement team is responsible for monitoring the aforesaid districts for availability of raw material and maintain relationships with the farmers and aggregators to ensure that we have access to adequate quantities of raw bananas throughout the year.

Carbide Free Banana

Keventer Carbide Free Banana

Our production processes begin with the procurement of green bananas which undergo the following processes at our various ripening units:

Sorting and grading - green bananas received at our units are washed and then sorted and graded into various grades based on size. The bananas quality tests ensure suitability or unsuitability of bananas for market sale. The bananas are then packed into plastic crates, stickered, and then put in ripening chambers.

Ripening - the ripening process takes approximately four days following which the green bananas turn yellow in colour as the starch is slowly converted into fruit sugars. The process is carried out under strict protocols of 95% relative humidity and 18-20 degrees Celsius temperature, and our ripening chambers are closely monitored for protocol adherence by using software alerts. Our processing infrastructure is designed in a manner to ensure efficient operations and high product quality standards.

Our Company's uses ethylene for the ripening process which is the only FSSAI approved and globally accepted method of ripening of Bananas.

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