Are you having a Keventer Banana every day?

Carbide Free Keventer Bananas’ are filled with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, B6, Manganese, Fiber and Potassium!

Have a Keventer Banana a day to stay fit and healthy always!

Carbide Free Keventer Banana
  • Carbide Free Keventer Banana
  • Benefits of Keventer Banana

From Farm to fork!

Consumer Reach

80% of our raw bananas are sourced from four main banana growing districts in West Bengal:

  • Nadia
  • Murshidabad
  • Hooghly
  • 24 Parganas (North)

21,000 MT (approx.)
raw bananas procured

* Fiscal 2021

7 member
dedicated procurement team

Network of aggregators

* March 31, 2021

Keventer Carbide Free Banana
Keventer Carbide Free Banana

Keventer Carbide Free Banana

Our production processes begin with the procurement of green bananas which undergo the following processes at our various ripening units:

Sorting and grading

  • Green bananas received at our units are washed, sorted and graded based on size.
  • Quality tests ensure suitability or unsuitability of bananas for market sale.
  • The bananas are packed into plastic crates, stickered, and put in ripening chambers.


  • The ripening process takes approx. 4 days
  • Carried out under strict protocols of 95% relative humidity & 18°C -20 °C temperature. Ripening chambers are closely monitored for protocol adherence by using software alerts.
  • Our processing infrastructure is designed to ensure efficient operations and high product quality standards.
  • We use ethylene for the ripening process - the only FSSAI approved and globally accepted method of ripening Bananas.

Your Daily Dose of Fitness

  • Helps in Digestion,
    Cures Constipation

  • Assists in keeping the heart
    healthy due to presence
    of Potassium and Magnesium

  • Helps in curing Ulcers
    and Heartburn

  • Powerhouse of Nutrients,
    a good energy booster

  • Helps in fighting Anaemia
    due to rich iron and Vitamin B6

  • Aids in improving Kidney
    Health – Good dietary source of

  • Helps in reducing stress,
    regulates sleep patterns

  • Perfect for athletes, helps reduce
    muscle cramps and soreness,
    great post workout

Farmers’ Speak

The Keventer Assisted Farming initiative envisions to bring about a revolution in the banana value chain in West Bengal, while enhancing the lives of banana farmers through increased yields.


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CEO Speaks

Mr. Sunil Kajaria, CEO, Keventer Bananas, speaks about best practices, the Keventer Assisted Farming initiative, processes and technology used in bringing Keventer bananas to your table.

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