Relish the fatafati taste of Keventer Metro Ice Creams in
their attractive new packs!

Pick ‘em up and share ‘em with your best buddies, stock ‘em up
for family parties, or just indulge anytime, anywhere!

Our wide range of
Keventer Metro Ice Creams
to scoop up!

Choose from flavourful cups, cones, bars
and bricks. Each flavour has been made to satisfy
different customer needs!

Keventer Metro Ice Cream
& Frozen Dessert Range
So many choices to melt your heart!

  • Cup


    Two-In-One, Choco chips, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Yum Aam, Nolen Gur

  • Party Pack
    Ice Cream


    Vanilla, Yum Aam, Nolen Gur, Two In One, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Kesar Pista

  • Cone


    Konez Nolen Gur, Konez Mango

  • Premium Tub


    Black Forest Temptation, Pistachio Crush, Caramel Gateau

  • Premium Cup

    65ml, 80ml

    Black Forest Temptation, Pistachio Crush, Caramel Gateau

  • Stick Ice Cream


    Barz Classic Choco, Barz Chocolaty Choco Gold, Barz Surprising Choco Scotch

  • Gallon Pack Ice Cream


    Strawberry, Nolen Gur, Vanilla, Two In One, Chocolate, Yum Aam, Black Currant, Butterscotch, Kesar Pista

  • Frozen Dessert Cups


    Magical Mango, Richie Rich Chocolate, Heavenly Vanilla, Blissful Butterscotch

  • Frozen Dessert Cone

    40ml, 80ml, 110ml

    Konez Chocolate & Nuts, Konez Butterscotch, Konez Vanilla Delite, Konez Chocolate & Nuts Grande

  • Frozen Dessert Party Packs


    Heavenly Vanilla, Magical Mango, Dreamy Two In One, Blissful Butterscotch

  • Frozen Dessert Gallon Packs


    Heavenly Vanilla, Dreamy Two In One, Magical Mango, Blissful Butterscotch


West Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan. At Local Retail
Stores and Community Markets