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Our wide range of
Keventer Metro Ice Creams
to scoop up!

Choose from flavourful cups, cones, bars
and bricks. Each flavour has been made to satisfy
different customer needs!

Keventer Metro Ice Cream
& Frozen Dessert Range
So many choices to melt your heart!

  • Royal Rabri


    Royal richness flavoured Rabri for a taste of royalty. A must-try medium fat frozen dessert from Keventer

  • Cup

    55ml, 80ml

    Heavenly Vanilla, Richie Rich Chocolate, Dreamy Two-in-One, Magical Mango, Blissful Butterscotch, Royal Rabri, Vanilla, Two-in-One, Choco Chips, Yum Aam, Butterscotch, Nolen Gur

  • Party Pack
    Ice Cream

    750ml, 900ml

    Heavenly Vanilla, Dreamy Two-in-One, Magical Mango, Blissful Butterscotch, Vanilla, Two-in-One, Chocolate, Yum Aam, Butterscotch, Nolen Gur, Kesar Pista

  • Cone

    40ml, 80ml, 110ml

    Konez Vanilla Delite, Konez Chocolate & Nuts, Konez Butterscotch, Konez Chocolate & Nuts Grande, Konez Butterscotch Grande

  • Premium Tub


    Caramel Gateau, Black Forest Temptation, Pistachio Crush

  • Premium Cup


    Caramel Gateau, Black Forest Temptation, Pistachio Crush

  • Stick Ice Cream

    30ml, 70ml

    Barz Classic Choco Delite, Barz Surprising Choco Scotch, Barz Classic Choco, Barz Chocolaty Choco Gold

  • Gallon Pack Ice Cream

    4L, 5L

    Heavenly Vanilla, Dreamy Two-in-One, Magical Mango, Blissful Butterscotch, Vanilla, Two-in-One, Strawberry, Chocolate, Yum Aam, Black Currant, Nolen Gur, Butterscotch, Kesar Pista

  • Frozen Dessert Cups


    Magical Mango, Richie Rich Chocolate, Heavenly Vanilla, Blissful Butterscotch

  • Frozen Dessert Cone

    40ml, 80ml, 110ml

    Konez Chocolate & Nuts, Konez Butterscotch, Konez Vanilla Delite, Konez Chocolate & Nuts Grande

  • Frozen Dessert Party Packs


    Heavenly Vanilla, Magical Mango, Dreamy Two In One, Blissful Butterscotch

  • Frozen Dessert Gallon Packs


    Heavenly Vanilla, Dreamy Two In One, Magical Mango, Blissful Butterscotch


West Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan. At Local Retail
Stores and Community Markets

About the Brand

From Sweden, Edward Keventer, armed with the knowledge of profitable dairy farming, began his work in India. Over time, he fully mechanised, marketed and deployed the world’s first generation of modern dairy equipment.

Fast forward to 1986, Keventer Agro Limited acquired the rights to Edward Keventer’s operations. Today, we aim to take the legacy to new heights, while remaining true to Edward Keventer’s beliefs and ideology. Not just dairy, we’re now the leading packaged food manufacturers.

We are taking the same philosophy and applying it to bring forward even better options for our consumers. With state-of-the-art facilities and experts, we have created an entire range of ice cream to suit every preference. Every item in our delicious inventory is carefully crafted to preserve freshness and taste. When you choose a Keventer ice cream, you are choosing a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience!

We don’t skimp on quantity and quality! We are here to enrich your lives and make it even more beautiful. After all, ice cream brings our loved ones closer and makes our lives sweeter. Try out our delicious ice cream recipes today!

Sourcing & Manufacturing

We source our milk, concentrates and pulps from trusted farmers and manufacturers. Our sourcing strategy and strong relationships ensure:

1.Consistent quality
2.Competitive pricing
3.Assured quantity in line with growing demand for our products

We have a committed team of agronomists, which helps us in organising field visits and obtain quality guidance on irrigation practices and fertiliser, pest and disease control, and post-harvest management. We directly communicate with farmers, and educate them in determining the best farming practices to increase not just production but also their incomes.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy (kcal)
  • 112
  • Protein (g)
  • 2
  • Carb (g)
  • 11.5
  • Added sugar (g)
  • 8
  • Total fat (g)
  • 6
  • Saturated fat (g)
  • 3.9
  • Trans fat (g)
  • 0.21
  • Cholesterol (mg)
  • 25
  • Sodium (mg)
  • 54
  • Product description

    Indulge in the most delicious ice cream flavours from Keventer Metro. We are a premium ice cream brand! From classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate to gourmet flavours like Black Forest and pistachio, we are here to entice your taste buds! Choose your favourite today: Nolen Gur ice cream, Chocolate ice cream, Two-in-one ice cream, Butterscotch ice cream, Classic Choco Bar ice cream, Chocolate & Nuts Cone frozen dessert, Vanilla ice cream, Royal Rabri frozen dessert, Yum Aam ice cream, Chocolaty Choco Gold Bar ice cream, Black Forest frozen dessert, Pistachio Crush frozen dessert, Choco Chips ice cream, Caramel Gateau frozen dessert, Kesar Pista ice cream, Surprisingly Choco Scotch Bar ice cream

  • Packaging standard details

    FSSAI Food Grade

  • Product specific composition details

    Milk Solids, Sugar, Stabilisers-INS 407, 412, Emulsifiers-INS 471, 491, 495, Permitted Natural & Synthetic Food Colour-INS 102, 110, 122, 133, Artificial & Natural Flavouring Substances

  • Shelf life

    Best before 12 months from the date of packaging

  • Storage condition

    All ice cream products to be stored below -18° C

Product specific features

  • Product applications

    Gently warm your ice cream scoop before scooping the ice cream into serving bowls

  • Availability

    Modern Trade and General Stores

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