A Healthy Habit

Drinking milk regularly is a very healthy habit. It is recommended that, people of all ages should ideally consume two glasses of milk every day, for a healthy diet.


Age / Population Group Daily Recommendations of
Milk and Dairy Products
Breastfed Infants 200 ml of top milk
Infants 6–12 months 5 portions
Children 1–9 years 5 portions
Adolescents 10–18 years 5 portions
Adults 3 portions
Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Women (until 6th Month) 5 portions

1 Portion : 100 ml

* Source : Milk and Dairy Products in human nutrition by FAO
Reference : Dietary guidelines for Indians, 2011. National Institute of Nutrition


Complete Healthy Food for Life

Sustenance of a healthy human body requires Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Water from dietary sources regularly. The Food Pyramid shown below illustrates the various foods one should have daily for a healthy diet.