We are a leading fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) company headquartered out of Kolkata with interests in packaged, dairy, and fresh food products.

Our comprehensive range of products span across various brands and categories with more than 90 SKUs, and a presence across the value chain in the fresh, frozen and ambient long shelf life food product categories.

Our Products

Our products cater to the ‘needs’ and the ‘wants’ of our consumers by satisfying their daily nutrition needs and delighting them with our range of indulgent and “on-the-go” products. Our “ready-to-eat” and “ready-to-cook” products facilitate ease of cooking for our consumers. Almost 60-65% of the total population of East and North East region constitutes the core consuming class for packaged food, dairy and other food and grocery items

Our market positions across various product categories are:

* As a franchisee of Frooti, Appy etc.

Our Businesses

Our business primarily consists of the (i) packaged foods & beverage; and (ii) dairy & fresh segments.

Our packaged foods & beverage segment primarily involves the manufacturing, packaging, marketing, distribution of products which include (i) “Frooti” or “Appy” or “B Fizz” or “Appy Fizz” or “Bailley” or “Smoodh” which are licensed to us pursuant to various franchisee agreements entered into with Parle Agro Private Limited (“Parle Agro”); and (ii) “ready-to-cook” and frozen food under “Keventer” brand.

Our dairy & fresh segment primarily involves (i) sourcing, processing, marketing, distribution and sale of pouch milk, pouch curd, ice-cream, set-curd, UHT milk, milkshakes and lassi under the “Metro” and “Keventer” brands; and (ii) sourcing, ripening, distribution, branding and sale of bananas under the “Keventer” brand.

Consumer Focus

Variety: Our product portfolio provides a wide choice of offerings to our consumers with more than 90 SKUs as of March 31, 2021 and includes “on-the-go” consumption products (such as fruit based beverages, milkshakes and lassi), “wellness” products (such as vegan fruit snack), products that indulge the taste buds (such as ice-cream), “convenience” products (such as “ready-to-eat” and “ready-to-cook” products), products which are consumed in between meals (such as set curd and frozen food snacks) and daily nutrition products (such as fresh milk, banana, green peas, sweet corn and other vegetables). We also offer a variety of flavors and tastes for some of our products such as mango and apple flavors for our fruit-based beverages, chocolate and kesar flavors for our milk-based beverages, and vanilla and chocolate flavors for our ice creams. We also offer different variants of white milk such as toned, double-toned and standardized. Our frozen food consists of variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian products with different flavor and taste profiles.

Price Point: Our products are available at various attractive price points starting from ₹ 5 to ₹ 1000, making them accessible for consumers with all kinds of budgets. A key driver of our consumer strategy is catering to different target consumers across various price points and enabling them to upgrade to higher value products.

Taste Advantage: Our products undergo extensive research at the development stage. We undertake thorough studies to ensure that our products are safe, meet the requisite quality parameters and the expected taste preferences of our consumers. We believe our research-oriented approach and constant innovation have ensured that our products have a high product acceptance, thereby, ensuring repeat purchases by our customers. In order to provide our consumers with the best possible products, we source our ingredients and raw materials from approved suppliers with stringent quality norms. We have instituted stringent quality standards and procedures to ensure food safety for our products. We have also introduced standardized manufacturing processes which ensure consistency in the taste profile of our products.

Anytime Anywhere: Our products are available through various points of sale such as general trade (which includes traditional retail points, such as kiranas), along with modern trade channels which includes e-commerce companies such as Innovative Retail Concepts Private Limited (Big Basket), supermarkets such as Big Baazar, Foodhall and Spencer Retail Limited, hypermarkets such as Ratnadeep Retail Private Limited, and convenience stores such as More Retail Private Limited. Further, our product categories are tailored to suit all occasions and we have a portfolio of products suitable across mealtimes, including breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, and for snacking in between meals. While we have an omnichannel distribution presence, our primary focus of distribution is the general trade category. According to the Technopak Report, traditional channels dominate the retail market across all consumption categories in East and North East India with 92.5% sales happening through traditional channels and 7.5% sales through modern channels. According to the Technopak Report, our distributors cater to 1,60,000 – 1,70,000 retail touch points across categories of packaged food and fresh bananas. (Source:Technopak Report) We believe our widespread and integrated sales and distribution platform enables us to reach a wide range of consumers and ensure effective market penetration.

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