Tasty Frozen Food Products with
a Twist of Health!

The frozen food category has gained a huge popularity since the last decade, especially amongst the modern families who are always on the lookout for convenient to cook yet tasty restaurant like food. With demanding kids and young adults around, at home, the need to cook up something delicious fast without spending countless hours in the kitchen has become the need of the day!

Keventer realized this need and went ahead with its brand extension into bringing to the modern customer multiple choice frozen food items to make their kitchen life comfortable. The Company introduced various frozen food products ranging from non-veg and veg snacks to ready to cook Biryani, sausages and salami, kebabs, parathas and frozen veggies to cook up favourite recipes.

Today, Keventer occupies the No 2 position in frozen products in Eastern and North Eastern India and Keventer can boast of having a wide range of both veg and non-veg products in its fold which no other competition have.

Lockdown Happiness

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the sudden unending lockdowns resulted in creating a high demand for easy-to-cook food at home with a surge in huge offtake of Keventer Frozen products. These frozen food products soon became a favourite stock-up food to satisfy hunger pangs during the lockdown, when most markets and restaurants remained closed.

Quality Frozen Food For you!

The wide variety of Frozen food product has been developed keeping in mind to satiate the different and diversified taste buds. Positioned as “Hunger time is Keventer time”, every product is targeted at direct consumer sales.

Mouth-watering Keventer Frozen Food RangeJust pour, cook and serve!

Reaching Our Consumers Directly

Keventer Frozen food items are available across all retail outlets in West Bengal and the North East.
Consumers can also purchase these products from the following retail partners: