23 Oct, 2019Pujo Branding in Kolkata 2019



Much like every year, this year too saw roads leading to renowned Pujos of Kolkata being branded with communication of Metro Milk and Metro ice cream. Additionally, the newly launched Keventer pouch milk and premium ice cream range from Metro Dairy were also featured.

The brand campaign of Metro Dairy continued to urge people to grow up drinking Metro milk, which is articulated through the proposition of ‘Drink Up. Grow Up’. The Pujo campaign of Metro milk depicted the next step of the brand campaign, where ‘growth’ was expressed as growth of the individual as he or she strived to achieve his or her dream.

The communication was featured as street hoardings and gates across Pujos in Kolkata. Around 20 stalls of Metro ice cream were put up in Kolkata and 80 stalls were installed across Pujos in North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas.