About Ice Cream

Metro Dairy uses fresh milk and cream in manufacturing ice cream in its ice cream factory. The Company initially produced and marketed 100 ml cups, 1 litre blocks, 70 ml candy sticks and 4 litre institutional packs. Later, the Company added 80 ml cones in 2 flavours. Now Metro Dairy Ice Cream produces many types of ice cream in a wide array of formats and flavours.   

Below is the Metro Dairy Ice cream flavours list


Ice cream Cups 
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 100ml
Choco Dream 100ml
Black Currant 100ml
Choco Chips 100ml
Yum Aam 100ml
Butter Scotch 100ml
Nolen Gur 100ml
Kesar Pista 100ml
Real Strawberry & Cream 100ml
Ice cream Bar M (70 ml)  
Flavours SKU
Choco - Bar 70ml
Choco - Scotch 70ml
Choco - Gold 70ml
Choco - Nut 70ml
Cone M (80 ml)  
Flavours SKU
Chocolate & Nuts 80ml
Butter Scotch 80ml
Mango 80ml
Ice cream Party Pack (1 L) 
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 1 L
Strawberry 1 L
Two-In-One 1 L
Chocolate 1 L
Yum Aam 1 L
Butter Scotch 1 L
Kesar Pista 1 L
Ice cream Gallon Pack (4 L)  
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 4 L
Strawberry 4 L
Two-In-One 4 L
Choco Dream 4 L
Black Currant 4 L
Chocolate 4 L
Yum Aam 4 L
Nolen Gur 4 L
Butter Scotch 4 L
Kesar Pista 4 L


Frozen Dessert Cups 
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 30ml
Vanilla 80ml
Chocolate 80ml
Frozen Dessert Blocks (1L) 
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 1 Litre
Two-In-One 1 Litre
Frozen Dessert Gallon Packs (4L) 
Flavours SKU
Vanilla 4 Litre
Two-In-One 4 Litre