It has been an honour to take the rich heritage of over 125 years ahead in the food processing business.

The onset of our journey as a large and responsible food company is reflected in our vision and it has been our compass for the exciting journey.

The year 2017-18 will stand out as perhaps being the most defining year in the history of our organisation, setting in motion a process designed to ensure we achieve our vision to become one of the most significant Food Companies in Eastern India. The steps like backward integration in our Bananas business, consolidation of our Dairy Business through taking over 100% ownership of Metro Dairy, the infusion of Private Equity funds by Mandala Capital, Singapore – all these laid the foundations for our strong future – exponential growth, with Dairy as the primary focus.

The year 2021-22 will mark another milestone. We are now at the cusp of the next big leap that comes in the life of any progressive organisation. With addition to our range of products, mainly in the lines of flavoured milk (or milkshakes) and frozen products, we are now ready to step out of our home front and go Pan-India.

We are certain that our USP of enriching lives through healthy products would help us find a certain place in the market.

Keeping the social responsibility in mind, Keventer is ready to make a mark in the years to come. And I am ever so thankful to my team who are the real flag-bearers of this legacy.

Mayank Jalan

Chairman & Managing Director
Keventer Agro Limited


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