Keventer Winter Recipes - January 25, 2024

Stay Warm With Steamy Momos

Best Frozen Momos by Keventer

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When temperatures drop outside, we are inspired to grab the nearest bowl of something savoury and hot to get warm and cosy! While soup is good, there's something that tastes even better during winter—momos.

Found across the South Asian subcontinent—India, Nepal and Tibet—momos are flour dumplings filled with meat or vegetables. It is widely popular as a snack. Zomato food delivery reported that more than 1.06 crore people ordered momos in 2021! One can say, that the snack sector in India is completely momo-polised!

From Delhi to Kolkata, momo lovers can be found at street corners waiting for the vendors to plate their orders. For days when you can't step out or your friend refuses to hang out, there are frozen momos. Now, don't be disheartened because some of the best brands for momos in Kolkata are making the most delicious offerings that you can customise at home! Let us show you how.

Get Ramen-tic

Forget fancy restaurants, bring home the ramen experience with your favourite instant noodles and a packet of Keventer momo. Just make sure to prepare the soup extra brothy and add the frozen momos at the correct time. Also, add vegetables to your liking!

Take It Cheesy

If you've never tried ema datshi, this is the season to do so. Considered to be the national dish of Bhutan, ema datshi is a spicy stew made from chilli peppers and cheese. Cook the momo separately and add it to the stew when done. We guarantee this is like a hug in a bowl!

Rice To Meat You

Frozen momos can be pan-fried, which means nothing can stop you from enjoying it with fried rice. Make your favourite bowl of fried rice. Then, heat oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. When the oil shimmers, carefully set the frozen momos in a single layer in the pan. Cook until the bottom of the momos are golden brown. Turn over and cook the other side for 1 minute. Finally, place as many pieces as you want on your fried rice and enjoy!

Just Chillin'

If you like spicy and sour things, this one is for you. And all of this comes together in one bowl! You simply add chilli flakes, light and dark soy sauce, black vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds, spring onions and cilantro to a bowl. Pour hot oil over it and let the ingredients sizzle. Finally, place the boiled momos and add a couple of ladles of the cooking water to the bowl to make the soup.

Well, you could skip all of this and just enjoy the glorious momos as they are. Grab your pack of Keventer momo today!


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