Keventer Frozen Dessert - February 8, 2024

Make this Chocolate Day a Chocolaty Date!

Make this Chocolate Day a Chocolaty Date - Keventer

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Valentine's week is just around the corner and it's time for all doting lovers to start preparing for a super romantic time with their dates. Make sure those seven days are the most memorable ones for your beloved. So while you get the freshest of roses for Rose Day and wait anxiously for Propose Day, this is how we suggest you make your Chocolate Day a perfect one.

Confess your love with a Cone

Nothing tastes of love more than a deliciously crunchy and chocolaty frozen dessert cone! So, if you are planning an outdoor date, do remember to carry a small icebox stacked with Keventer Metro Chocolate and Nuts Grande Frozen Dessert Cone for a chocolaty-nutty treat. In case you missed proposing to your beloved on Propose Day, this will be your second chance because our chocolate cone will ensure your date is completely blown away with your sweetness!

Raise the bar!

Well if nuts are a total 'no-no' thanks to allergies, do not stress. We've got you covered with our chocolate bars. And anyway, who doesn't love a classic choco bar with a creamy centre and a thick layer of chocolate on the outside?

So if your beloved has a hard outer shell but is sweet and soft inside, we suggest you melt their heart with our Keventer Metro Classic Choco Bar Ice Cream. Or even better, try the Keventer Metro Surprising Choco Scotch Bar Ice Cream. And for those who are always up for an overdose of chocolate, Keventer Metro Chocolaty Gold Bar Ice Cream is all you need to sweep them off their feet!

Stay innovative. Stay Cool.

If you are planning a date at home, do try out an innovative dessert with our Keventer Metro Choco Chips Cup Ice Cream. Just empty the deliciously creamy frozen dessert in a nice glass bowl, top it with some chocolate sauce, and nuts and raisins if you like.

You could also get a little fancier. Fish that wine glass out, create a nice biscuit base with crushed digestive biscuits and salted butter, add the ice cream, and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top. Whether your date is a success or not, trust us, this dessert is going to be an absolute romance for your taste buds!

Movie date anyone?

Plan a movie night at your home with your beloved on Chocolate Day with us. Grab a Keventer Metro Chocolate Party Pack Ice Cream and spend a sweet, romantic time watching that favourite flick. By the way, there's much more you can do with our chocolate party pack ice cream. Try making a cool chocolate milkshake with scoopfuls. Or how about a nice frosted coffee float?

Whether it's with Keventer Metro Barz Ice Cream or with Keventer Metro Chocolate Cones, you can rest assured that this Chocolate Day is going to be deliciously memorable for you and your loved one!


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