Metro Dairy's Plants

Metro Dairy's plant at Barasat is fully automated and computerised, with continuous process and quality control. It is the only dairy in India with automatic plant sterilization. The machinery in the plant has been procured from the best international manufacturers such as Westfalia of Germany, Gram of Denmark and Schneider of USA.

This focus on superior technology ensures consistency in product quality thereby resulting in uniform product composition and a better shelf life. Metro Dairy believes in providing its customers with quality food products that enrich lives every day.


The Barasat plant has a capacity to process and produce 3 lakh litres of milk per day in pouches and 1 lakh litre in loose form for vending through insulated tanks. This plant also has a capacity to produce 20,000 litres of ice cream per day.

In 2014, Metro Dairy set up an ice cream plant in the Malda Food Park, in North Bengal. The plant has a capacity to produce 10,000 litres of ice cream and frozen dessert per day.


With the rise of the sun each morning, Metro Dairy promises the daily goodness of quality and convenience to its consumers. Metro Dairy ensures that its consumers are able to enjoy a steady supply of fresh, nutritious milk - a product often referred to as ‘Nature's Complete Food’. Indeed, few foods match the overall nutritional benefits of Milk and doctors and health professionals endorse it for people of all ages.

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