Metro Dairy - Dahi

Dahi – the wonder dairy product!

By Team Keventer | Date May 18, 2019

Known as yogurt, doi or dahi, curd is one of the most commonly found items in all Indian kitchen. Easily paired with any daily meal, the uses of curd extend beyond just in recipes.

Rich in calcium and essential vitamins, potassium, and magnesium, Curd has amazing health and beauty benefits that can be enjoyed by including just one bowl in your diet every day.

Health Benefits

The good bacteria in curd helps in boosting overall health and creating a strong immunity against everyday airborne diseases. 

Curd is a great probiotic and helps in digestion by clearing out the digestive system. Curd improves our gut activity and is a great remedy for upset stomach.

Curd helps prevent cortisol accumulation, eventually preventing hypertension and obesity. Including curd on your daily diet can help you shed some weight. 

The high levels of calcium and phosphorus in curd helps in developing strong bones and teeth.

Beauty Benefits 

The acidic compounds in curd, much like lemon juice and vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help prevent various skin problems. 

Curd has a moisturizing effect on skin and it heals your dry skin naturally, exfoliating the skin in a gentler way. Curd is your natural remedy for dark spots and acne.

The antioxidants in curd helps the skin to plum up, preventing immature wrinkles from appearing.

The anti-fungal properties of curd can be your natural remedy for stubborn dandruff. 

There is no doubt that curd is full of nutrition and will benefit you if you include it in your daily diet. Metro Dairy Limited launched unsweetened curd (dahi) made from pasteurized toned milk, in August 2016. In April 2019 the 200g pouch was launched, rebranded as “Metro Dahi” in a new packaging. Metro Dahi finds its use in various dishes, desserts, shakes and dips.