Keventer Milk

Your child’s nutrition is just a Shake. Poke. Sip away!

By Team Keventer | Date August 7, 2019

Your child’s nutrition needs Keventer Straw powered Keventer Milk

Milk is rich in nutrition. We’ve heard about all the benefits of milk, but very few of us include it in our diet. One of the major deterrents to drinking milk is its mobility. Initially, if you wanted to drink milk on the go, you’d have to carry your Tetra Pak along with a pair of scissors to cut open the pack. And even if you did manage to cut it open, you’d need a glass or cup to pour your milk into! Not such a simple process, is it? But what if we tell you that the milk that accompanies you wherever you go can be sipped on, easy-peasy! No need to boil and no need to pour it into any glass. 

Introducing the Keventer Straw, inseparable from its UHT Tetra Pak and now inseparable from you too! You can carry it around with you wherever you go to stay charged, hydrated and rejuvenated anytime and anywhere. Not just that, kids have a lot to benefit from the Keventer Straw! 

Here are a few situations illustrating how the all-new Keventer Straw, available in the 200ml and 160ml packs, can change the way your kid stays nourished every day.

Your child is late for school. Again! 
They wake up on time, brush, bathe and dress up into their school uniform, but just take too long to drink their milk. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find a solution to it. So how about packing their breakfast and letting them drink it on-the-go? 

With the all-new Keventer Straw, your kid can sip on healthy and tasty nutrition while they’re on the way to school. No worry, no hassle. And no more being late for school. 

Is playtime interfering with nutrition time?
At school, your kid is studying, playing and then studying some more. By the time lunch break arrives, their energy is low even though they may not realise it. You’ve been trying for some time to pack a lunch that will rejuvenate them and keep them fresh and ready to take on the day. But you’re not sure if you are doing it right. 

In steps Keventer Milk, in all 3 variants, along with its all-new Keventer Straw that makes your kid’s life easier, healthier and more rejuvenated on-the-go. With the Keventer Straw, your kid can simply sip on nutrition, thus using the time it takes to eat lunch to play, but without the loss of nutrition!

Busy lives biting into eating habits
Unfortunately, in our fast-paced world today, your kid’s day isn’t really over after school. It is jam-packed with tuitions, practices, extra-curricular activities and so much more! Their lives are probably as hectic as ours, if not more. But do they really get the right nutrition to go on throughout the day? 

That’s where Keventer Milk and its all-new Keventer Straw steps in! Your child can now carry all the nutrition they need on-the-go and are rejuvenated throughout the day, whether they’re on the way for tuition or on the way back from football practice!

Unhealthy binging during the evening
Your kids evening hunger pangs are usually the hardest to deal with. They’re home after a long and tiring day and evening snacks, in more cases than not, call for some unhealthy junk food. But you’ve had about enough of it and made a resolution that you’re putting your foot down with the junk food. 

So, who do you turn to? Keventer Milk of course! Tasty, nutritious and easy to drink, just hand your kid a Tetra Pak and their evening hunger pangs will be cured with sips of wholesome Keventer Milk

Milk isn’t just for kids! It’s one of those daily nutrition packs that can be consumed by anyone who wants to stay nourished throughout the day. So, take an instance: you’re at the gym and you’ve completed a really heavy session. You’re out of energy, but have an entire day ahead of you at work! What comes to your nutritional rescue? Keventer Milk of course!

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