Variety: We offer a wide choice to our consumers with over 90 options to choose from. They include products which are for “on-the-go” consumption such as fruit based beverages, milkshakes and lassi, “wellness” products such as vegan fruit snack, products that indulge the taste buds such as ice-cream, “convenience” products such as “ready-to-eat” and “ready-to-cook” products, products which are consumed in between meals (such as set curd and frozen food snacks) and daily nutrition products (such as fresh milk, banana, green peas, sweet corn and other vegetables).

On the whole there is a variety to choose from, catering to wide array of flavours and taste profiles.

Price Point: We pride ourselves to cater to every pocket . Our product ranges from Rs ` 5 to ` 840, making them accessible for consumers with all kinds of budgets.

Taste Advantage: Our products undergo extensive research at the development stage. We undertake thorough studies to ensure that our products are safe, meet the requisite quality parameters and the expected taste preferences of our consumers. Most of our products are targeted to suit the regional taste profile and therefore we believe are accepted by the masses, cutting across various age groups and different socio-economic classes.

Our products under go stringent quality standards and procedures to ensure food safety during the entire product life cycle. We have also introduced standardized manufacturing processes which ensure consistency in the taste profile.

Availability Anytime Anywhere: Our products are available through various points of sale such as general trade like Kirana stores along with modern retail outlets which includes e-commerce platforms. Further, our product categories are tailored to suit all mealtime occasions from breakfast to dinner and for snacking in between meals.

So having a large omni channel distribution presence is our primary focus

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