Cream & Fudge

In 2005, Cream & Fudge was launched in Bangkok and became part of the portfolio of Global Franchise Architects and ever since then it has been bringing smiles to many faces across various countries. Using its Swiss expertise and its worldwide research and development capabilities, in just 3 short years it has expanded its operations in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Keventer's Cream & Fudge outlets (C&F) offers ice creams - smooth, creamy, super-premium.

Desserts par excellence

  • The Cream & Fudge Factory (C&F) offers smooth, creamy, super-premium ice creams
  • In-house creations permit consumers to customise their pick, choosing flavours and mixing them with nuts, fruit, candies and fudge.
  • The customer experience is enhanced by this D-I-Y routine being conducted on a counter of frozen marble.